Go All In

Our pre-made packages have been put together to make your life easier. But if you need something custom, just let us know (you can send a message to us via our contact page).

All our packages include…

Due to Florida state laws, our packages do not include alcohol. However we’ll happily advise and guide you as you put together your drinks menu.

If you haven’t already looked at our How it Works guide for the booking process, stop now and take a quick peek!

AND this 4 Step Guide will help you narrow down which Buggi and Package might be best for you!

If you have reviewed both the How it Works and 4 Step Guide you are ready to book away!  Lets go!


The Fizz
(Up to 50 people)

Double Bubble
(Up to 50 people)

Poppin’ Party
(Up to 75 people)

build a bubble

Want to create your own custom package?
Awesome! The Build-a-Bubble package is for you!

Want to a little something extra?!  Check our add-on options:

  • More help? Stay longer? More bunting, fairy lights and all-round sparkle?

  • More mileage (outside of our 25-mile radius)?

  • Glassware, such as flutes, glasses & pints fresh?

  • Extra’s like fantastic floral garlands & seasonal blooms? Or on-theme custom menus, signage and decorations?

  • Or how about champagne bar parings – like strawberries, sweets, cookies, cupcakes, donuts and ohhhh-worthy vol-au-vents?

Whatever extra you want-desire, you can count on us. Just get in touch.

And if you want extra to quench that thirst, we’ve got…

  • All kinds of fixins, including: ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’, Mimosa Bar, an Ice water station, Sweet + Unsweet tea station, Soda, Pop and Seltzer water

  • Lemons, Limes to cut, fruit garnishes and fresh fruit mixers

  • A barista-quality coffee add-on 

  • Signature or custom batch cocktails on tap – Several cocktail options available – Includes mixers and garnishes (you just provide the alcohol) 


Brews Crew
(Up to 50 people)

Giuseppi Extra’s

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