Hey. I’m Allison.
Buggi Boss. Fun lover. Life and soul.

My career has been in Corporate America for most of my working life – keeping me in front of books and computers –strategizing, learning something new most days.

I love what I do. But there’s always been a creative streak in me. Coupled with a lifelong passion for giving back to the community, there’s been something bubbling up for a few good years.

During the spring of 2019, my creativity found its perfect partner in a little Italian 3-wheeler.

It arrived in the form of an email from a dear friend. I duly clicked through, and found an article on a 3-wheel, free-living truck. As it turns out, it was a Piaggio Ape – a tiny truck that was making waves on the UK party scene.

Over there, it had become quite a common sight for this piece of history to be serving up bitter and beer, Pimms and gin (and oh, plenty of tea).

I was fascinated.

But it wouldn’t be until some months later that I discovered the full potential of this pocket rocket of Italian heritage.

It kept on rolling into my dreams, with huge balloons atop its shiny silver roof. And so I bit the bullet. I decided it was high time to bring this piece of U.K. culture stateside – right into the sunny climbs of central Florida.

Since then, I’ve reveled in the details of setting up business – the little ways in which Luci is now part of a unique event experience. And I still get those bubbling butterflies as I think of potential clients telling me about the details of their upcoming day.

Life is short.

We should throw everything we have at both the little and big victories in life. We should pop more party poppers, clink more glasses, laugh, party and drink with friends and family as often as possible. As you can tell, I’m ‘that one’ – the friend who always finds a reason to celebrate. Today, I’m proud to also be the owner of a business that helps others in bringing something special to their event.