Her Name is Luci...

You’ve set the date, your guests have saved it. You booked the venue (ages ago), sourced the food, selected the tunes. 

Now? All that’s left to do is to invite your star guest.

She’s got that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. She doesn’t fit in (nor does she want to). And she oozes Italian heritage. She’s Luci. And she’s got history.

Made in 1992, Luci endured two decades of dull milk, bread, and odd newspaper deliveries. But in 2019, she was been reborn as Luci – the sparkling Bubble Buggi mobile bar.

Today Luci is the life and the soul of the party. Rocking a chic slate grey paint job and chilling with your friends, family, colleagues or clients, she rolls into venues with style and grace – showing boring old fitted bars who’s boss (thanks to her petite size, she’ll glide through any set of double doors).


Featuring four draught taps and a long line up of delicious drinks, she’s a conversation sparker, a real party starter (ideal for polished and professional corporate events).

Luci loves pop shops (totally on trend), brings the fun to fundraisers, and adores art shows. She serves up beer, wine, prosecco, coffee, champagne, kombucha, mixed drinks, mocktails and more.

This week, it could be the wedding of the year, the next it might be a house party that rocks (and one helluva cookout), with a baby shower booked the next day.

Vintage Italian Mini Truck converted into a tap truck with a bride sitting in the drivers seat.
Photo by Paris Scott Photography

Meet luci's sidekick- Giuseppi, the tap bike

Take a seat, this is table service taken up a gear

Great things come on three wheels, and just like Luci, you have many possibilities when it comes down to what Giuseppi can serve.

Featuring two taps, one of which is nitro-powered, past parties have refreshed and re-energized with nitro cold brew coffee, and raised a toast (or two) with their favorite brand of bubbles.

From the more formal corporate event to an evening among friends, Giuseppi can be hired all on his own, or he can accompany Luci – making for the perfect double act for keeping your guests content.

Check out our all new Elopement Packages featuring our tap bike Giuseppi!

tricycle turned tap bike with large white umbrella with tassels in a historic courtyard
Photo by Honeywood Photography

“I love a good party, and being a businesswoman I’d always thought that the events industry would be a fun one to work in.

One day, it just so happened that an article arrived in my inbox from a friend. The focus? These neat little party trucks that had hit the big time on the UK events scene.

And suddenly, it seemed the stars had aligned.

Once the cogs started turning, I was obsessed with the idea of buying my own and turning her into the ultimate event feature. And when I set eyes on Luci, it was love at first sight.

I set up Bubble Buggi with a fresh vision for drinks – which are such a big part of any event”.

– Allison – Buggi Boss

We used BB at our golf outing fundraiser and LOVED it! They were very accommodating, coordination was smooth all around, and we enjoyed customizing the bar to meet all of our needs.

— David, Golf Enthusiast

Our Bubbli Clients

Seriously one of the BEST experiences ever for our party — the one our guests talked about most! It’s is perfect for any occasion and BB went over and above to make our event truly unique

— Erin and Sam, Grand Opening Celebration

Luci’s after
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